2021/22 Training

Wakehurst Training

Begins Wednesday November 3rd, 2021.

Training is held on Wednesdays at Lionel Watts from 5:30pm. Training finishes at 7pm for the U7 and U8 age groups, and at 7:30pm for U9 and above. 

Ensure you use the QR code check-in when your child arrives.


U7s & U8s

From 6pm-7pm every Wednesday.



U9s and above

From 6pm-7:30pm every Wednesday.



Please ensure that you arrive on time so that all athletes can get the most value out of each session, and the coach doesn’t have to repeat instructions each time another athlete arrives late.

To assist the children in reaching their full potential, Wakehurst Little Athletics provide professional coaches to teach the children in the U/9 and above age groups proper technique in a variety of disciplines.

Children in the U/7 and U/8 age groups will be taught the basic techniques of the different events that they will compete in on Saturdays.

Due to the large number of children that typically attend training sessions, parent assistance is always required. It would be greatly appreciated if at least two parent helpers accompanied each group. They can assist the coach with most activities including much needed “Crowd Control”. Helping at Training will now be one of your required “Parent Duties“.

Parents do not need to have any special training to assist the coaches however if they do wish to gain the skills to be able to more actively participate at training then Wakehurst Little Athletics will pay for their enrollment in the “Introduction to Training Course” conducted regularly by the Little Athletics Association.

At our training sessions we aim to provide the following

Available training

U7 & U8

Two to three coaches teaching the basic techniques required for discus, shotput, long jump and track events.

Fun games to develop strength, stamina, agility and speed.

U9 & above

Five to seven coaches to develop the athlete’s technique in each event with drills and exercises specific to each event.

Each training session will be divided into 3 x 30 minute sessions so that the athlete can train for three events each week.

Events Covered

Discus, Shot Put, Javelin

Long Jump, Triple Jump, High Jump

Sprints, Hurdles, Middle Distance

Centre Training

In addition to the training that Wakehurst provides, the Manly Warringah Little Athletics Centre runs training for U9 and above age groups on a Monday evening from 5:30pm to 7:30 pm during the season. This training is aimed at athletes who want to specialise in certain disciplines rather than receive general training.