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Each year Wakehurst LAC, along with the four other clubs represented at the MWLAC competition, are required to provide assistance with the running of the Saturday competition.

Part of that assistance is through assigned “Parent Duties” for which we hold a bond of $75 against three duties being completed by each family. All three duties must be completed to receive your Parent Duty Bond back at the end of the season (there are no partial refunds – but if you miss a duty please talk to us about a “make up” duty, we actually want to give you your money back!!!!).

We have a web based solution to enrol and track the Duties (click here).

Note : If your availability changes please first try to find someone to do your duty for you (another parent in your group, a relative or a friend). Please also contact the roster coordinator at least 48 hours before the date of your duty should you need to make a change.

Please don’t leave it to the last minute as if you’ve been unable to do so, the roster coordinators need time to fill your vacancy.[/bsf-info-box]


On request, provided a family have met all the above requirements, refunds will be given at the Club’s AGM held in March each year.  If you are unable to attend then you MUST contact the Treasurer within 30 days of the AGM to arrange a refund via EFT.
No refunds will be given after this date.

Age manager assistance

If you wish to Assist your child’s Age Manager with the events on the competition days, you must sign on as a “Parent Helper” for your Child’s Age group. While greatly appreciated by all concerned, this assistance does NOT count towards your required Club Duties.

For Your 3 Duties.

When do you need to volunteer?

  • Two duties must be prior to Christmas
  • One duty must be after Christmas.

What do you need to do?

  • One of the duties selected must be assisting with Wednesday night training.
  • Two of the duties selected must be assisting at the track on competition day (equipment set up or pack away, or track timing).

Opt Out Alternate

From 2017, Wakehurst LAC is offering the ability to “opt out” of performing parent duties.  This reflects the growing number of people who are unable or unwilling to perform their duties, but rather than the duties being fulfilled by Committee people (themselves volunteers) we will use the forfeited bond money to pay young athletes (U15, U17 or past U17 athletes) to perform the duties instead.

Opt out is “all or nothing” with regard to centre duties, but does not apply for Parent Duties for representative athletes.


  • Should your budding Olympian make it to representative honours (Zone, Region, State or National) there are additional parent duties required, there is no opt-out option for these duties.
  • While greatly appreciated by all concerned, the “Parent Helpers” assisting Age Managers with the athlete groups is not a club duty and does not count toward the Parent Duty requirement.

In addition to this we need assistance at training with getting the equipment in and out and being a ‘Parent Helper’ managing select age groups.

Wakehurst Little Athletics is responsible for the following duties on a Saturday morning:

  • Putting out the high jump equipment prior to competition starting
  • Putting away the high jump equipment after all competitors have finished using it
  • Putting out and bringing in the tents
  • Putting out the Javelin, Discus and Shot Put equipment
  • Putting away the Javelin, Discus and Shot Put equipment at the end of competition
  • Putting out the equipment bins for Long Jump
  • Putting away the equipment bins for Long Jump once competition is finished
  • Manning the finish line on the front and back tracks (recording and lane markers)

Equipment & Tents

For the early morning session, please meet at the Western storeroom behind the Grandstand at the LATEST by 7:30am. All competition areas must be set up before competition starts at 8:00am.

For the late morning session, please meet at the Western storeroom behind the Grandstand at the LATEST by 10:30am. All equipment needs to be disassembled and stored in the storerooms under the Grandstand at the completion of competition.

Finish Lines

Please meet by the timing gates on the track that you are assigned to no later than 10 minutes prior to competition start time. The circular track finish line must be ready to start races by 7:30 am, and both straight track timing desks (main start/finish, and back track) must be manned and ready to start races at 8am.

Training Duties

Please review the Instructions for Training Duties and

Code Of Conduct Document

Zone and Regional Carnivals

In the event that a child qualifies for zone, regional or state level competition, then parents must perform rostered duties for the Manly Warringah Little Athletics Center which is over and above their club duties.

Parent duty bond

The mandatory Parent Duties Bond is in place to encourage parents to fulfil their parent duties. On request, this Bond will be refunded within 30 days of the AGM each year, provided a family completes ALL of its duties for the season.


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