Presidents Report

President’s Report AGM 2016-2017

Season 2016-17 was a bumper year for Wakehurst Little Athletics Club (WLAC), being an Olympic year. 318 athletes choose Wakehurst Little Athletics Club, and wore the black and gold with pride.

Wakehurst, as a club, promotes participation and self improvement above other measures of success.  We believe that having your kids learning new skills and improving current skills should be our focus.  Seeing these fine people at training and at the track on Saturdays is inspirational.  Reflecting this, our club awards focus on those two items only – participation, and personal development measured by literally attempts/events completed, and achieving or equalling a personal best.

In season 2016-17 our athletes were again outstanding, however two athletes who thoroughly embraced the WLAC philosophy enjoyed success with the club and in competition.  In the U13G Age Group, Lizzie McMillen missed only one event in the entire year, competing in 101 events and achieving an amazing 31 Personal bests (and another 4 equal PBs).   Meanwhile in the U17B Age Group Jackson Mackie competed in 93 events through the season and achieved 14 Personal Bests.  It is results like these that personify the WLAC ethos and for that reason Lizzie and Jackson were our Presidents Award recipients for the season.

Many other athletes also had an outstanding year, and are represented as Age Group Champions for the year for WLAC.  They are:

Age Group Season 2016/17 Age Champion for WLAC Total Points Events PBs or Equal
U7B  Byron Borchert 1322 73 31
U7G  Rory Nordenson 1104 64 28
U8B  Damien Godden 1351 74 24
U8G  Jasmine Rintel 1060 60 22
U9B  Ryan Sinclair 983 85 20
U9G  Rebecca Solomon 1462 80 24
U10B  Michael Godden 1211 85 22
U10G  Chloe Dunne 1423 83 23
U11B  Mitchell Hatfield 1071 67 24
U11G  Sienna Villacorta 1371 79 15
U12B  Ethan Clarke 1181 66 20
U12G  Alexandra Sinclair 1151 83 13
U13B  Cameron Laytham 1046 61 21
U13G  Elizabeth McMillen 1737 101 35
U14B  Alexander Norris 975 59 16
U14G  Ciara Sinclair 1218 91 16
U15B  Jack Wrightson 774 42 15
U15G  Olivia Wrightson 693 39 8
U17B  Jackson Mackie 1423 93 17
U17G  Abbey McMillen 760 44 15


Of our 318 athletes, 93 represented the club at Zone competition, 76 of whom went on to represent us at Regional competition of which 43 will go on to represent our club at the State Championships held in March at Homebush.  While these figures are slightly down on the numbers for season 2015/16 they remain very credible and indicative of the strength of WLAC within the Manly Warringah centre, and the state.

As a fitting capstone to those achievements was, for the 11th year in a row, our athletes secured the MWLAC Colbert Shield in a literally breathtaking display of speed, winning the event by over 100m.

Each week of competition that Manly Warringah Centre needs a small army of help to run the program.  From assistance managing the volunteer army to helping on the BBQs or in the canteen, timing races, moving hurdles and other equipment, getting the gear out at the start of the day and putting it away again at the end of the day – the list is significant.  All that effort comes from our Parent body in the form of rostered Parent Duties. Each week WLAC have 18 duty roles to fill, representing 38 hours of volunteer time.

As always, Wakehurst  contributed significantly to the Age Managers ranks (5) and track officials (another 5) plus informal assistance for the IT side of things.  We also have strong representation on the MWLAC committee, and significant input to general operations.

This year, as most years, we are sorry to farewell some of our committee, for whom we will also be seeking replacements.  Leaving us this year is our long-serving and hard working treasurer, Damian Gorman, and earlier in the season our Vice President, Stewart Dowling, decided to call time on a long career with Little Athletics.  We also farewell Marianne Atherton from our IT role looking after our web site and Facebook page.  Finally, Ana Cecuk has stepped down as Secretary after 4 years in the role for which we thank her.

Jamie McMillen has agreed to step into the VP role next year, Kathryn Chaloner has agreed to take on the role of Treasurer, Cath Springall has moved to the role of Secretary, Michelle Thomson has taken a role assisting Cathy McMillen with uniforms, and Mark Lisle has stepped into the IT role looking after our web site and Facebook page.  This means all committee roles are now filled for the year.  Contact details for our Committee can be found on this site in the “Contact us” section.


Peter Laytham

Wakehurst Little Athletics Club

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